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    Images/The Torchbearer Sarah Zimmerman, Communications Manager

    Sarah Zimmerman is majoring in Public Relations and is the vice president of the Public Relations Student Society of America. She joined the EcoCAR 2 team because she saw it as a unique opportunity to fuse the worlds of science and communication. As an outdoors lover, Sarah appreciates the sustainability goals of the competition. She enjoys whitewater kayaking and is a trip leader and instructor for the UT Outdoor Program. Sarah is excited to represent Team Tennessee and help its members gain recognition for the hard work they put into this project.

    Images/The Torchbearer Helene Rynczak

    Helene is from Franklin, Tennessee and attended Fred J. Page High School. Helene is the President of the Society of Women Engineers on campus and is a senior in Biomedical Engineering here at UT. She is strongly considering a career within the medical device industry to one day be working in the operating room alongside physicians. Within the communications team, Helene assists with website design, blog organization, and overseeing the team's social media platforms. Involvement with the Communications Team is invaluable to Helene to continue developing communications skills.

    Images/The Torchbearer Karson Stone

    Karson Stone grew up in Louisville, TN, and attended Alcoa High School. She is a freshman in Mechanical Engineering and is involved with the Society of Women Engineers. She has six horses and has loved to ride since she was six-years-old. Through EcoCAR 2, she hopes to learn more about not only revamping a car, but also about the entire process and all the components that come together to make the project a success.

    Images/The Torchbearer Chris Salvemini

    Chris is Team Tennessee's Communications Mentee from a local high school. He is a senior at L&N STEM Academy and is trying to decide if he wants to major in Journalism at The University of Tennessee. In his free time, he enjoys writing, reading, playing video games and surfing the internet. Chris joined the EcoCAR 2 team because he wanted to be a part of a group working towards a green initiative and to strengthen his writing, website editing and collaboration skills.



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