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More than 25 years of Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions have raised the standard of sustainable transportation technology. Competition alumni often find success in their careers due to skills learned from AVTCs. Whether it be EcoCAR, FutureTruck, or Propane Vehicle Challenge, the AVTCs always lead to new innovations in the field. We are proud to share the stories of some of our UT AVTC alumni.

John Miller

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John Miller is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee, and has had a passion for AVTCs since his senior year. He slept on the floor of the automotive lab and worked countless hours on the vehicle. After graduating he began working at the Southeast Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas on engine design. Click his photo to read more.

Aaron Williams

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Aaron Williams, who attended UTK for graduate studies, discovered his passion for engineering technology while contributing to the FutureTruck team during 2001 and 2002. He now works at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory applying his skills towards making a greener world. To read more, click the photo.

Brock Fraser

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Brock studied mechanical engineering at the University of Tennessee and later joined the SAE hybrid electric vehicle program which opened many doors for his career. Through it all, he thanks the AVTC competitions for allowing him the opportunity to achieve so much. For his story, click his picture.

Amanda Womac

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Amanda Womac, current director of the Hearing and Speech Foundation in Knoxville, sharpened her technical skills while working as Outreach Coordinator for UT’s Challenge X. To learn more about Amanda Womac and her experience with the competition, click her photo.



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